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Chinese Drywall Advisors | Your Guide to the Chinese Drywall Inspection

Chinese drywall is possibly the biggest disaster that the American home owners have ever experienced. Defective drywall, mostly imported from China, was used to construct houses. This later caused problems like the drywall emitting harmful gases that were detrimental to health and stunk up the house, eroding copper wiring in contact with it and causing the air conditioning to malfunction. We at Chinese Drywall Advisors hope to show you a way around your problems.

Chinese Drywall Testing

If your house was constructed between 2001 and 2009, and you live in stats where drywall occurrences are high (like Florida), it may be a good idea to get your home inspected. Rather than spending on a detailed survey, first collect evidence to see if you need the survey at all, as the lab work required can be a bit costly.

Chinese Drywall Testing

Chinese Drywall Problem

This national issue began around 2001, peaking around 2009, when domestic construction supplies could not keep up with growing demands caused by both, the real estate boom and the property damage caused by Hurricane Katrina.

It is estimated that in 2006 alone more than 550 million pounds of drywall were imported from China. The main difference between locally made drywall and the sort imported, is the pyrite content…

Chinese Drywall Problem

Chinese Drywall Remediation

How to fix a drywall if you’ve got it? When this problem started out most methods required drastically altering and/or rebuilding the house. Due to the distress it caused, some people started to sell fake products that promised minimal invasion and instant cure to the problem to prey on the misfortune of others. If you’ve got issues related to faulty drywall, book a consultation today, to map out the best course of action for you, and your home.

Defective Drywall Remediation

Chinese Drywall Inspection

Why get an inspection? At its worst, this defective drywall can lead to a home than is inhabitable, bad for health and unsellable. The damage can transcend from just the walls and affect wiring, air conditioning and general ambiance. Most insurance companies do not cover drywall damage, so being ignorant about it can be pretty rough on your finances. If in doubt, get inspected today.

Chinese Drywall Inspection
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