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Is there a Chinese Drywall Solution?

We have already seen how the Chinese Drywall Problem may cause health risks.

Chinese Drywall Advisors takes seriously the effectiveness of the remediation process. There is a growing concern over the means and methods of drywall removal and remediation practices that are beginning to take place throughout states that have been affected by Chinese Drywall or Defective Drywall. Although there are more and more protocols being introduced, no certified process, standards or guidelines have been put forth by either the states or federal government.

With no clear standards the workgroup Defective Drywall in America and the Building Envelope Science Institute - BESI embarked on a mission to produce a cost effective and certifiable process that was scientifically sound and would implement enough controls to properly remediate buildings with defective drywall.

Defective drywall emits highly reactive gases that are absorbed by porous materials. This means most construction materials used in building your home including personal belongings such as furniture are saturated with these gases. A true remediation process must remove the contaminating source and rid all absorbent materials of these toxic elements.

Due to these factors it was the intent of the workgroup to find a proven protocol that would protect the industry and owners of residential and commercial property from improper or failed attempts to remediate. Understanding that most individuals and companies cannot afford to remediate the first time much less a second time, it was critical that some standard practice or protocol be developed to a high enough level to not only address all the dynamics involved with the proper remediation of Defective drywall but also to compensate for unknowns and to meet or exceed the future regulatory requirements expected to be enacted by local, state and federal agencies. Modifications will be made as needed to conform to governmental standards.

These protocols are considered certified by instituting requirements such as: requirements on experience levels of the individuals performing the work, training and testing of the individual's competence, third party inspections during the process for quality control standards and professional peer review prior to final certification and proposed warranty. Chinese Drywall Inspection, testing and third-party analysis of the protocols took over six months and were developed through the efforts of over twenty professionals and many laboratories across the United States. Systems or protocols without proper controls give no level of certainty for the success and performance of the process and may only add to the crisis by allowing failed protocols to become common the market place.

To this end, Chinese Drywall Advisors has taken certification training from the leader in the field, BESI, to provide proven remediation as outlined above. If you are a homeowner, commercial building owner, investor or lender seeking remediation we would welcome the opportunity to show you the innovative techniques and exclusive products that make our remediation so effective.

For a professional Chinese Drywall Inspection, make an appointment with our team of experts for cost effective solutions to relieve you from Defective Drywall problems.
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