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Chinese Drywall Remediation

After dealing with the shock and devastation that comes from learning that your home has a Chinese drywall problem, the first thing all affected home owners think about is how to get rid of the issue. When the problem first started, there was only one solution… to mover out for a few months spend a roughly six figure sum, and have the affected part of your home demolished and rebuilt. Most people, particularly those who had just moved into a new house only to find it a smelly mess, could not afford to spend that kind of money on reconstruction and alternative accommodation. Worst of all, this method is not even fool-proof! An improperly deconstructed house could have some "post remediation" failures, which means all your old problems are carried over into the new house… wasting all the money, effort and tears you put into the work.

Recently, several time and money effective methods have been discovered that are being tested at keeping the problem at bay, but these methods are still in their infancy. One such method is a technology has cleared lab testing and shows the potential to permanently fix the wall board by gassing it. This method bypasses demolition, and is hence cost effective, hassle free, and has the potential of having a lifetime warranty.

Currently thought, there are no ‘quick fixes’ for this issue. If you own a place that needs a consultation to discuss possible remediation, our firm would welcome the opportunity to guide you in selecting the most appropriate fix. Our expertise in construction and BESI’s protocol makes us your best bet when looking to primp up your home.

For a professional Chinese Drywall Inspection, make an appointment with our team of experts for cost effective solutions to relieve you from Defective Drywall problems.
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