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Chinese Drywall Investors

"In the middle of a difficulty lies opportunity" is a quote made by Albert Einstein. Chinese Drywall has presented an Einstein sized challenge to the real estate market and opportunities for the smart investor.

The challenge facing investors is being able to maximize the spread between the purchase price and the resell price. Chinese Drywall Advisors offers services to assist the investor in this goal.

We are Florida certified general contractors who have taken specialized training provided by the leader in this sector, the Building Envelope Science Institute - BESI. This training is based upon field experience, science and guidelines under development by governmental agencies. Chinese Drywall Advisors is certified for Chinese Drywall Inspection, Chinese Drywall Testing, Consulting and Chinese Drywall Remediation.

Chinese Drywall Solution process, created by BESI, is designed to increase the selling price by removing the stigma associated with Defective drywall. This is achieved by offering a certified protocol that works, is third party monitored and inspected, and qualifies for a transferable warranty of up to 10 years.

Our Chinese Drywall Testing features the use accurate XRF non-destructive testing within a protocol that allows the tested negative home to be eligible for a 10 year warranty certifying the home to be Chinese drywall free. This removes the unknown, restores the value and allows the home to be sold quicker and for a higher amount than similar properties.

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Chinese Drywall Clients

Chinese drywall contamination presents hardship and challenges for one group and opportunities for another. All groups share the desire to manage risk and restore value. See how we can help by clicking on your interest category:

Chinese Drywall Remediation

Most individuals cannot afford to remediate once, much less twice. Become educated, you must ask the hard questions.

  • How was the process or protocol developed? Scientific basis?
  • Is Defective Drywall being left in the home?
  • How are the toxic gases absorbed into porous building materials and personal belongings removed?
  • Is there redundancy or a backup system in place for the unknown?
  • Is there third party quality inspections and end of job review?
  • Does the protocol qualify for a certified remediation warranty?

Many first generation Chinese drywall remediation efforts are failing; don't allow this to happen to you.

Chinese Drywall Remediation
For a professional Chinese Drywall Inspection, make an appointment with our team of experts for cost effective solutions to relieve you from Defective Drywall problems.
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