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Chinese Drywall Homeowners and Homebuyers

A Chinese Drywall Inspection is a must if your home was built, remodeled or repaired using drywall during 2001 or later. If your home was built in 2006 there are reports of homes constructed in that year having a 50/50 chance of containing Defective drywall.

For homebuyers the unknowing purchase of a contaminated home will certainly be a shocking revelation as a home containing Chinese drywall is typically valued 75% less than one without Chinese Drywall.

Homeowners need to test for health, safety, and financial reasons. Chinese Drywall Health issues have been well publicized; be aware that toxic gases emitted by the reactive drywall are heavier than air and tend to settle near the floor where children and pets spend most of their time. If you have children and pets be particularly aware of any unusual changes in behavior and health.

There are financial reasons as well to be aware of the homes status:

  • Court cases are in progress to establish responsibility and financial relief for those who have their status known
  • Property tax reductions of 75% or greater
  • FHA loan servicers have been instructed by HUD to work with borrowers suffering defective drywall
  • Insurance claims - Reportedly there is a bill proposing florida insurance companies can no longer drop insurance policies upon notification of Chinese drywall contamination. Be sure to check your insurance company's stance on this before submitting a claim.
  • IRS deductions - This deduction only applys if losses are not compensated by insurance or other sources.
  • If you are buying or selling a home

Our Chinese Drywall Testing features the use of non-destructive X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) testing as an integral part of our certified testing protocol. This is the most advanced, thorough on-site test available. Drywall is tested to determine if elevated levels of Strontium, known as a marker for defective drywall is present. The risk of missing Defective drywall without XRF testing is significant. There are reports XRF will be required in the upcoming testing standards.

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Chinese Drywall Clients

Chinese drywall contamination presents hardship and challenges for one group and opportunities for another. All groups share the desire to manage risk and restore value. See how we can help by clicking on your interest category:

Chinese Drywall Testing

Chinese Drywall Advisors features non-destructive X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) testing as an integral part of our certified testing protocol.

XRF testing is a superior protocol because it basically brings a portable laboratory to your home. Other inspection protocols take limited samples of suspect drywall that must be sent to a distant laboratory for analysis.

We offer a Chinese Drywall Clearance Inspection proving the home does not have defective drywall with the option to qualify for an upcoming warranty.

CDA can schedule testing of drywall prior to installation on new construction to assure no defective board is used.

Chinese Drywall Testing
For a professional Chinese Drywall Inspection, make an appointment with our team of experts for cost effective solutions to relieve you from Defective Drywall problems.
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