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Defective Drywalls Health Risks

Health Risk Solution

Issues in your home space that stem from Chinese drywall are not only financial, they can also be health related. The high hydrogen sulfide content present in the air is one of the main causes of distress. Main health issues related to Chinese drywall are:

  • Breathing Issues
    Mostly dues to the Hydrogen sulfide mentioned before. In high amounts this gas causes a number of respiratory issues, like asthma attacks, chest pains, hacking coughs and other such issues, in people with no history of respiratory distress.

  • Joint Pains
    One specific symptom of defective drywall is a super sensitive body. Minor conditions like stomachaches and heart burns become much more frequent, and there’s plenty of general body pains to go around.

  • Nose Bleeds
    While we are not completely sure that these are caused by the drywall, most people living in infected homes have experienced at least one. While most people experience one in a lifetime, the probability of you experiencing one while in contact with a defected drywall is high.

  • Nausea
    Not just nausea, depleted body strength and general ‘meh’-ness. The constant exposure to less than healthy chemicals takes its toll on your body and causes general fatigue and makes your body feel run down. After long spells of staying at home, you’ll usually feel nauseous, like after sleeping all night. Moring sickness without a reason is a symptom of a less than healthy living space. So is a constant urge to nap. If your home wears you down instead of refreshing you, get it inspected.

  • Headaches
    These aren’t your usual ‘I had a bad day aches’, these episodes occur near daily, and pills and rest does not help, but stepping out for fresh air does wonders. Excess chemicals and contact with corrosive metal (corroded copper wiring) is usually the main cause.

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