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About Chinese Drywall Advisors

Chinese Drywall Advisors was founded by Clark Kilby. Clark was raised in South Florida (FL). He worked summers in his father's homebuilding business. He graduated from Indiana University with a bachelor's degree in Chemistry. After graduation in 1976, he began homebuilding in the northern suburbs of Indianapolis specializing in custom homes. After a successful career, Clark returned to Florida in 2004, earned his Florida CGC license and began building homes. In late 2006 rumors began circulating about homes plagued with sulfur odors, problems with HVAC systems, electronic device failures and how these homes had one thing in common: they contained imported Chinese drywall. With his science background, Clark followed the unfolding Chinese drywall problem until deciding to start Chinese Drywall Advisors to identify problem homes and to help people with this defective building product.

For a professional Chinese Drywall Inspection, make an appointment with our team of experts for cost effective solutions to relieve you from Defective Drywall problems.
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