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HOA and Condo Associations

Welcome Board Members and Property Managers!
Chinese Drywall is affecting a wide range of properties causing additional problems and stress on Board Members and Property Managers. This is compounded in condominiums and other ownership forms sharing common walls, HVAC or other common elements due to the highly diffusive, reactive nature of the toxic gases produced by Chinese drywall.

Chinese Drywall Advisors has staff that have undergone certification training in Inspection and Remediation protocols developed by the Building Envelope Science Institute (BESI) and hold the certifications of Certified Defective Drywall Consultant (CDDC) and Certified Defective Drywall Remediator (CDDR). Additionally, Florida CGC and LEED AP certifications are held.

Our Chinese Drywall Inspection to identify defective drywall includes accurate non-invasive XRF testing that is the most reliable non-destructive inspection protocol offered on the market today. Full reports are generated for legal, tax abatements and other reasons.

BESI has developed a remediation protocol which is thorough, involves proven proprietary technologies which will be eligible for an upcoming warranty for up to 10 years certifying the home is Chinese drywall free with no left over contamination.

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Chinese Drywall Inspection

Chinese Drywall Advisors features non-destructive X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) testing as an integral part of our certified testing protocol.

XRF testing is a superior protocol because it basically brings a portable laboratory to your home. Other inspection protocols take limited samples of suspect drywall that must be sent to a distant laboratory for analysis. See Chinese Drywall Testing for details

We offer a Chinese Drywall Clearance Inspection proving the home does not have defective drywall with the option to qualify for an upcoming warranty.

CDA can schedule testing of drywall prior to installation on new construction to assure no defective board is used.

Chinese Drywall Inspection

Chinese Drywall Remediation

Most individuals cannot afford to remediate once, much less twice.  Become educated, you must ask the hard questions.

  • How was the process or protocol developed? Scientific basis?
  • Is Defective Drywall being left in the home?
  • How are the toxic gases absorbed into porous building materials and personal belongings removed?
  • Is there redundancy or a backup system in place for the unknown?
  • Is there third party quality inspections and end of job review?
  • Does the protocol qualify for a certified remediation warranty?

Many first generation Chinese drywall remediation efforts are failing; don't allow this to happen to you...

Chinese Drywall Remediation
For a professional Chinese Drywall Inspection, make an appointment with our team of experts for cost effective solutions to relieve you from Defective Drywall problems.
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